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Being I'm new to ILF I'm not familiar with the names, predecessors or successors, of a particular limb.
I recently acquired a set of used WW SF HSC carbon foam limbs and really like everything about them. They have been fazed out for awhile now. Can any of you please tell me what model(s) took its place. I would like to get another set of limbs as a back up. Thanks guys!

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I had some of those around 3 or 4 years back, good older limbs, mine were not WW though as the current SF limbs are.......
the SHC back then were a real good not-too-high priced limb.
Not sure what their direct replacement limbs are?
Some of the guys are saying the WW SF Axiom Plus limbs are pretty good limbs FOR THE MONEY, which is around $79 at Lancaster Archery.
You might consider those for backup limbs.
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