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I bought this bow brand new about a month ago. As luck would have it, I ended up getting another recurve in a trade shortly after. I think I'm going to like the other one more, and I can't really see having two bows right now while I'm still this new to shooting a recurve.

Both the riser and the limbs are black. I had it set up at a local shop that's Hoyt certified. The only modification is that I had them add Navajo wool string silencers and a hair shelf vs. the one that came with the bow. I also bought the hardware to be able to put a quiver on it, and will throw that in the package for the buyer.

Everything it came with is included in the deal. It's in immaculate condition. I've only shot it 27 times - 3 sets of groups of 3 on 3 different days. I got my wife a cheap recurve from Sportsman's Warehouse with a 25lb draw weight and I've been using that to practice while I develop form.

I'm leaving tonight and will be out of town for a week, but if someone wants it and can pay today, I can ship it before I leave. Otherwise, it'll be next Thursday at the earliest due to being out of state.

Pictures available, just send me a PM with your phone number and I can get them headed your way.

I'm looking for $775 OBO shipped/insured. I know that's close to retail, but I'm going to eat some of it in shipping from Alaska, and the bow is essentially brand new. PayPal preferred, buyer to cover fees.
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