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Guys, here is my 20 gauge.
I have an older cousin that departed this life a couple of years back.
Ray was a inspector on the line at McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis, and a gunsmith on the side.
Ray built my old Mauser 98 for me in 1973 (I think), and many years later, about a year before he passed away, he gave this shotgun to me.
He told the story that Dad loved the gun, always fond of Model 12s, and Ray used this one as a "hook" to get Dad to come visit, which was nuts, as DAD loved Ray like a son.....and they visited back & forth several times a year.....5-6 hour trips made it possible.
Ray found this shotgun many years ago in a hunting trip with co-workers, as they stopped in some hole-in-the-wall gun shop for some ammo, one of the guys was short shells and Ray was too tight to share, hear him tell it, the guy was such a tightwad, RAY was not about to share his ammo with him.
Ray found this shotgun, and it's pretty rare.....20 gauge to begin with, and a 2-barrell set goes with it, and both barrels are serialized with the receiver.
it is a 1923 gun.
He got the original carry case with it (now ragged) which has individual sleeves for all 3 components, and another sleeve for the wooden 3 piece cleaning rod & tools, which are still intact.
It was all rough, so Ray sent the 2 barrels (full and CYLinder) off to SImmons for rib work, and he had them leave 'em "in the white" as he wanted to do the blueing himself.
He also got the stock(s) from I THINK FAJEN which is now some other name.
I was touched, Ray told me he wanted me to have it, and he wished he would have given it to my DAD but he thought DAD understood, and I am guessing he did, as he told me once he knew RAY was dinging him about the gun once, and he got to keep it for 6 months or so.
I thought I'd share this with you......see attached picture.

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Wow, that's a beautiful piece of history! My great uncle Everett had Model 12 in 20 gauge - it's gone forever now, wish I would have been able to become the owner after his passing - nice to see yours, though.
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