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Hoyt Spectra warfed by Sam is very well done. Perfectly straight alignment and he made this rough old compound riser into a jewel. He even painted it to match the Hoyt gray metallic which was a surprise bonus that I did not expect. I asked him to leave the cable rod bushing in place because for a hunting bow because nothing quiets a bow like a string stop. I've had several Rambo, Spectra and other compound versions of this riser design and really like the grip. I like the deflex of this 21" riser and it acts more like a 25".

The limbs on this one are a pair of Dryad XL with the "new" carbon and bamboo construction. I draw 32.5" to the corner of my mouth aanchor and beyond with Olympic style and Mike thought the XL would be fine but also thought the long limb would have been better for a hunting bow. These XL limbs make an almost the same size bow length as conventional longs on my Spectra due to the deep hook as seen in the picture. Smooth all the way to anchor with no stack that I've lived with forever with conventional limbs. Performance is 9fps faster than a pair of W&W carbon limbs BUT the strings and brace are different, arrows are the same on both. These Dryads brace at 7 3/4" and the W&W brace at 8 1/2" on the same riser. They tuned up with bareshafts just as easily as conventional limbs; no surprises with spine tolerances. Nice black mat finish and subtle graphics. These limbs are marked 35# on a 19" riser with more reflex than my Spectra warf and weigh in at 40# max on my riser. They are as easy to string up as any limb if you use a decent stringer.

So, thanks to Sam for his machining skills and to Dryad for a limb made for my longish draw!

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