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Fast and easy!
for those that have their meat processed...
Take a package of deer in soup pot...add a small amount of oil (olive,vegetable)...add one chopped onion...turn on high and sautee...add your favorite spices now salt,pepper,garlic,...brown meat...add lg can of whole peeled tomatos...4 cups of water...a bag of frozen vegall (mixed vegetables)...stir all together turn heat down to simmer for about 30 mins.
I have also added macaroni noodles / egg noodles or could also use would just take longer to cook...yum yum:)

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Read this yesterday and decided to make soup today.

Always butcher deer myself and am convinced (and have convinced others) that the finished product is much better than processed.

I simply giant-sized sromero's recipe.

2 pkg. burger (about 4 lbs.)
2 big cans peeled tomatoes
4 pkg. 12 oz. frozen mixed veggies
2 pkg. Uncle Ben's ready rice 8.8 oz. many flavors to pick from
4 small diced potatoes
1 onion

Boil potatoes till almost done

Cook venison with a little olive oil and the chopped onion

Add the rest with several cups of water and bring to boil while continuously stirring. Spice to taste, I use salt, pepper, and garlic salt.

Simmer and stir till vegetables are done. May add some barley next time.

Makes a lot, I guess about 4 gallons.
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