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Turbo Nock Review

For the past year or so I have been reading about the Turbo Nocks.
These nocks are twisted/spiraled in the groove, so that they start
the spin of the arrow immediately upon exit from the string.

Now, I'll admit when I first started reading about them, I was very
skeptical about the claims made, and the word GIMMICK was foremost
on my mind, but I'm a tinkerer, and was very curious.

About three weeks ago my curiosity about these nocks got the best of me,
and I contacted Nick Snook at the ,
and asked him if he would send me a few of these nocks to try out, and IF
I like them I would be ordering more.

Nick is a great guy to deal with, and obliged me very quickly.
Within four days of my request, and some discussion with him about what
nocks I needed to use I had them in hand.

The first thing I want to say about these is - They are exceptionally well
constructed. Tough, and very precise from the first nock to the last.
They are not snap on, yet fit the string very well with a very smooth
transition both on & off the string even with the twist. Due to the
twist, snap on is completely unnecessary, and they stay on the string
very well.

The arrows I use are the Arrow Dynamic Trad series, and Nick did not have
a nock model that fit these shaft perfectly, but the T5 nocks fit just slightly
loose, and with Nick's help & a little creative fitting & gluing they aligned perfectly,
and were securely fitted into the shafts.

Now to the testing & comparison against my standard nocks:

Nick was a little stingy ( A little friendly picking on Nick) & only sent me two nocks to test,
but I immediately realized improved accuracy, and more stable arrow flight,
even in high wind. Although I have not chronographed these yet, I am convinced
I am also getting a faster arrow, because my point on went from 30 to 40 yards.

What I believe to be the improvement in the accuracy, stability, and speed of the
arrows with these nocks is due to the immediately initiated spin of the arrow at
exit of the string. This places less demand on the fletching which reduces drag,
and the fletching is simply maintaining the stability of the arrow that the nock
has already initiated.

I ordered four dozen of the T5 model from Nick the next day after my initial testing,
and fitted them to all of my arrows when they arrived. Two days later I went to an
ASA format 3D shoot, and we shot in a 40mph wind for the entire 30 targets.
The wind was so bad that we could not even shoot on the practice range,
because it would blow your arrows off the shelf as soon as you lifted the bow to draw.
As luck would have it almost every shot on the 30 target course found us shooting
cross wind shots. For most it was very frustrating, and that's putting it mildly.

At that shoot I shot in a group of five. Three compound guys, and only two of us
trad guys. Everyone in my group was having pure HE Double Toothpicks with the wind
Everyone except me :) . On shots that were turning everyone else's arrows to more
than a 45 degree angle to the target my arrows would only do a little flutter, but never
turned, and never left the line I released them on.

I won that shoot in my class, and was up from second place by a wide margin of points.
Even tied & beat a number of the compound scores. I'm not bragging about my shooting
with that statement, because I am CONVINCED that using the Turbo Nocks in that very
windy environment at what already was a very tough shoot Made The Difference.

Thanks Nick for being such a Great Guy, and taking the time to work with me to Get It Right.

A Very Happy Customer
Rick Barbee

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I just ordered some Accunocks to try, they caught my interest. Seems I'm turning into a tinkerer
Steve, I look forward to your review.


Back Yard Hack
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I'm not sure about this, but think these nocks will only accommodate right wing/spin, and without any doubt the nocks must match the offset or helical you are using.

I don't write many reviews, and when I do it is because I am impressed & convinced.

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Rick, I sent an email to verify direction of spin but I was thinking right wing as well from the looks of it. I'm gonna get a dozen of these to try out, not a big fan of my current gold tip nocks anyway.

Back Yard Hack
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Did a little actual shooting comparison this evening between the Turbonocks, and the standard AD nocks.

Nothing scientific, but I'm HAPPY. :)

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