2 Timberhawk Strikers. Both 60", one 45" other 46# (defect).
Bought 1st bow on AT that arrived with a cracked riser......seller scam....I thought I could glue it up and shoot it as seller recommended.
Finally bought a brand new from Timberhawk. Shoot awesome, fast and dead in hand. But I feel no love for it and I many others so I let it go. I have very low confidence in my handy work so I let the defect bow come with it as a project for someone with better skills and more time. Not sure it can be saved as easily as seller claimed...crack goes vertically by the riser and another smaller crack along grip. My plan was to glue and possibly put a bolt through it as I have another bow made that way which works fine-work not made by me...
Original fast flight string comes with the new Striker, condition is excellent, as new.
395 TYD