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I'd been shooting a bow for around 3 weeks,it was a Ben Pearson Jet @ about 20lb.

We'd just come out of the Toi Toi when a Peasant jumped off the ground 5 yards in front of us.

I swung and followed it,a perfect going away shot.

The arrow caught it in slow motion and as it impacted I thought about the trouble I was in now.

Peasants were out of season and illegal to hunt with a bow anyway, but I was 14 years old,,so stuff happens huh.

I only have to think about it now and it returns like it was yesterday,not 1970.

Around 1976 I was crossing over a stony stream balanced on rocks to keep my socks dry when I got the feeling I was being watched.

Looking up over the stream bank I saw an old Billy Goat watching me.
I didn't think of anything,I just up an shot him.

I saw the arrow cross the gap an vanish through the Billy,leaving a faint pink mist floating in the air after he'd gone from view.

He was the first animal bigger than a rabbit that I ever took.

He also remains my largest NZ wild goat.

In 2009 I visited NZ's Stewart island and shot a Whitetail deer, a two year old doe.
I'd first found a copy of a Fred Bear archery digest about 1969-1970.
From then on my main dream was to hunt Whitetail,, for about another 40 years.
Then In 09 I got to watch my arrow vanish in a ball of bright yellow feather straight through the chest of a Whitetail Doe I'd seen 3 times before she'd finally looked the wrong way.

Humble animals when it comes right down to it, but mile stones in life for me.

Which hunting shots do you remember ?

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Mine was my first whitetail with my recurve bow. I had been still hunting a new woods when I hear leaves crunching. A small doe breaks through the brush in a full run right towards me. I didn't think about it, just pulled up my 45lb Indian recurve followed her as she went past me at 13 yards and released. The arrow hit her and sunk in about half way. She hit a tree with it and it snapped off. 200 yds. later she was mine.

On a side note the old wives tale of a wounded deer running up hill is a myth. She picked a really steep long hill. The arrow worked its way through her at the top.
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