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JPH modified his ilf bushing so that the end on the back of the limb was a 3/8 - 24 stud. He tasks me with making a damper weight that will screw onto it and hold it in place. I have been using O-rings for damper weights with a lot of difficulty getting the fit right and squeezing the stem through the outer ring with the O-ring in place was extremely difficult with such tight tolerances. And then the weight never had the movement that I liked and dampening effect. So I worked on figuring out a solution and here it is the central stem has an Allen bolt in it that allows two halves to be screwed together which hold the O-ring in place and as it's tightened squeezes the O-ring into the outer ring and creates the dampener holding the outer ring in place. The Allen screw on the central stem also acts as the tightening bolt for applying and removing the damper from the in itself. These could be made with a Dos fitting or a threaded piece that would go into any ilf bushing on the back of the limb.
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The yellow is Teflon tape I use to make sure it’s kinda snug. I use a rubber washer under the limb and snug it down pulling the dovetail up, kinda like an upside down DAS.
Anton your work looks mighty fine!
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