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Beater shoulder meant my beloved boo LB limbs had to go but with turkey season around the corner I needed something for my hunting/stumping bow that was easy on the shoulder & have read about hex limbs - saved by Border's immediate availability sale; Ann shipped off some hex5H limbs in under a week - deadline work email just went out & the UPS guy delivers -only string I have is 2" to short ... but it's a new toy so 3/4" over recommended BH I head out into the rain.

Now I had read from the more educated members on this site that these limbs need centre shot & a stiffer spine so at 35# OTF I grab some 400, 500 & ~550 (bamboo) spine arrows & decide to go without a plunger cause that's the current state of the riser post-LB limbs- I've heard these are reeealy fast limbs so I gap for 45# -> low arrow #1 ...hmm decide I'm old enough to know better ... shoot the aluminum 400 & 500 beaters as for 40# limbs & they come in about right - the boo arrows contact higher even though they're about 50gn heavier (this is another story).

Lessons so far - (A) 35# hex5H is similar in speed to my boo/glass 40# limbs which had an 8gpp POI in the 65yd range & 14gpp POI around 40yds (B) this bow is dead quiet shooting 14gpp & (C) tuning looks like it might be a happier experience than I had expected.

Thx to the Sids & Ann & now back to work - M.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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