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Sir?...admittedly out of desperation?....I heeded your advice in the "Twisted Limb Accuracy Thread"...your suggested "Hot Tap Water Treatment" and?....

Oh Happy Day!....I think I nailed it!....the string is soundly in the groove....

and everything looks square unto the riser and well aligned from the rear...

and if anything?...I went a smidgen too far but I'm rolling with it for now and see how she does...and now I think it best to go ahead and post a visual progression of things from the front top limb tip...what started out like this...

after the first Hot Water & Twist session just working the top limb looked like this....

and after the 2nd "Hot Water Treatment Session" (working both the top and lower limb) now looks like this...

and please recognize that the actually top limb string nock tip of this bow was properly shaped but slightly out of square unto the limb itself at time of production...which I now believe may have very well played a downstream role in all of this twisted limb stuff...and even though this bow always has seemed extremely dead in the hand at-the-shot?...(due to it's massive and weighty riser)...I did perceive a vast improvement as it relates to "smoothness at the shot" after taking the pretzel factor out!

and wow!...what a nice bow it the $320 question is..."Will it stay this way?"...but it' also good to know that as long as I have a kitchen sink with hot tap water?...straighten limbs is only a few minutes and some elbow grease away.

BTW...I achieved this by running the hot tap water on the glass face of the limb "warming only the PRIMARY working area" of the limbs staying a couple inches away from both the fades and the actual portion where it recurves into the limb tips themselves....and holding as much twisted tension as I could for as long as I was physically able too allowing them to cool...then gave them a good 15 minutes to normalize in temp before attempting to string it back up to have a look.

And while I know you have a great disdain for what is my seemingly ignorant demeanor at times?...that's not going to stop me from thanking you for offering up a proven solution that has apparently saved my beloved 1975 Herters Perfection Magnum from becoming wall thank you sir and?..

L8R, Bill :)

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So wait a minute, what just happened? Am I to believe you relaxed the glue and got the laminates to shift back to straight? If in fact that is what happened, I dont think this is a good practice. Arent bows like that held in a form under some compression when built?
Where is Sid, maybe he can enlighten us on what might have happened?
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