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Sorry folks...I know you're probably sick of me posting vids but this blew my mind tonight and figured I'd share.

Started out this evenings practice committed to form with my 66"/30# Bear Polar with my B50 string boinging away like a rubber band...45 minutes later?...I was bored out of my mind because the more my form fell inline?...the lighter my lightweight bow felt....almost to the point that it didn't feel like enough weight and tension to lock me up I decided to bump things up a bit...went inside and grabbed my 64"/37# Bushmen R/D Longbow w a 12strand Rhino string and went to grab it's associated tuned arrows but thought to myself?....

"Ya know?...I never tried these .800 spine VAP arrows off my longbow."

(insert devilish grin here)

They are 31"s long at full length....with 120gr glue-in points...and four 3" feathers...they weight 300grs...and for a moment there?....I envisioned myself taking an ambulance ride with CF shards sticking out of me but something in me said..."'ll be fine...try it!"....and oh dear Lord!

Maybe it's because I've been shooting 10-12GPP rigs for quite some time now but this rig at 8.1GPP?....seemed liked shooting fletched bottle rockets to me! :lol:

Check it out...hope you enjoy....put up my hurricane bag target so you could hear the pop of the arrows cause it was getting dark and my form was breaking down from fatigue but got it on video anyways..L8R, Bill. :)

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