Southwest Archery Ghost riser with 4 sets of limbs. I think this is the prettiest riser they sell. Wanting to sell entire package together for one shipping cost. Price includes shipping to your door UPS. I would rate the condition of the riser and all limbs 10/10. All recurve limbs include the installed limbsavers. Pictures include strung profile of the longbow limbs. Will also come with D97 fastflight string so you will have 4 different setups to shoot with the same string. All the limbs are longs and make 64 inch bows. I bought the 35 pound limbs for 3D and the 40 and 45 pound limbs for hunting. Great combo, I'm just focusing on my ILF setups now.
Payment through Venmo.

Ghost 19 inch riser
35 pound longbow limbs
35 pound recurve limbs
40 pound recurve limbs
45 pound recurve limbs

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