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Hi All,
I'm taking a 'break' this summer and working on my barebow (normally shoot FITA). Of course the first step is tuning, and I'm getting some weird results.

My 560 spine ACCs (100 gr pt, 29.5 inches to back of point) actually grouped with my 440 spine ACCs (100 gr pt, 30 inches to back of point) at both 20m and 30m.

I've got a big crawl as I have to anchor under chin due to lack of neck rotation - I can't get my nose out of the way with side face anchor,
I'm using borders with 42 lbs on the fingers
Spig explorer riser, plunger etc.

When I do my part they are staying in the yellow at 20m but it still seems odd that such different arrows work so well together.

It is nice, but I feel like aliens have been guiding my arrows and I don't trust it.

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