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I have been confined to my 18 yard basement range all winter. Today was the first day nice enough to shoot at our local range. Finally a nice 70* day in WI.

I'm going to be after my first bird this week and wanted to get some shots in. I have been messing around with string walking for the last few days in my basement with some big improvements!

I set up at 20 yards grabbed my crawl and pounded two consecutive arrows into a 2.5" bull I drew on a 6" paper plate. After a dozen shots all hitting the plate I moved it back to 30. I grabbed my 30 yard crawl and the first shot was straight in the bullseye. A few more shots to confirm it wast a fluke and I wast content.

I am a lot more accurate string walking than I am gapping.

These turkeys are in for some trouble!
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