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String Walking Turkey

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I have been confined to my 18 yard basement range all winter. Today was the first day nice enough to shoot at our local range. Finally a nice 70* day in WI.

I'm going to be after my first bird this week and wanted to get some shots in. I have been messing around with string walking for the last few days in my basement with some big improvements!

I set up at 20 yards grabbed my crawl and pounded two consecutive arrows into a 2.5" bull I drew on a 6" paper plate. After a dozen shots all hitting the plate I moved it back to 30. I grabbed my 30 yard crawl and the first shot was straight in the bullseye. A few more shots to confirm it wast a fluke and I wast content.

I am a lot more accurate string walking than I am gapping.

These turkeys are in for some trouble!
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Hunting turkey is why I started string walking hunting. Works good
I started string walking this past winter for my indoor league. I shot all 15 weeks so I can get used to this new style and really really liked it. With turkey season right around the corner I'm not sure this style will work (for me) with a vertical bow and in an enclosed blind.

I will take out the blind next weekend and see if there are any clearance issues.

Good luck this season
String walking also works for pigs. They don't have to be big to be a trophy and because of the added accuracy you can do it with light limbs.

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