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I know that most on this site are not field or "dot" shooters, but I thought some of you old time NFAA shooters might find this interesting.

We had a total of 34 shooters, meager by most standards on here I know, however this is the interesting part.

Out of the 34 we had the following:

20 Freestyle Recurvers with a pretty even mix among Youth, Young Adult, Adult and even a few Senior shooters.

3 traditional class shooters Silver Senior, Senior

3 Barebow, Master Senior, Silver Senior

1 Fresstyle limited, Master Senior

The remainder were spread among the Compound classses

On the 10:00 Saturday and Sunday line there wasn't a compound bow on the line and both lines were full (24 shooters)

Personally, It's probably been over 40 years since I've seen a tournament line like that! Never thought I'd see anything like that while I'm still "here."
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