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A month before turkey season opens I usually do a scout & stump at my sister-in-laws in the Ottawa valley an hour away - last year it was 24C - this year, the year that global warming forgot, it was -10C with 3ft of snow though a beautiful blue bird day without too much windchill - pics in order:

- basic gear ...

- oops, first stump: motley assortment of bamboo shafts ranging from 450-650gn - heavier shafts on ranging were retained in the stump base with no hope of removal with just a chisel (usually works just fine) - will be back for these with a hammer & chisel in a couple of weeks..

- better stump choice..

- walking out of the forest into the meadow that the turkeys frequent..

- new blind location; early AM shadows mean that where the bow is is where there'll be sun ... as to birds ...

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