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I'm curious as to the answer to this question also. I have the elite + and they are my favorite limb over the SFcarbon wood and my older WW Innos

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I have both. Actually my son has the Elites and I have 3 sets of elite plus. I really cannot give a mathematical deciphering of differences, but they are both good limbs. I think the plus might be a bit smoother at the end of the draw cycle. The difference between my Ult Pro's and Elite plus are 2-3 fps....

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Lancaster list these as new arrival. $199

roduct Description
• Made from the finest maple and the most precise glass fabric with two layers of carbon
• Supremely consistent and accurate
• Perfect for intermediate archers looking for the flexibility of carbon/wood limbs
• Material: Carbon/Wood
• ILF compatible
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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