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My background comes from shooting high letoff compound bows with fingers for 3D tourneys. Trial and error is our greatest teacher. Back then, I would have never shot a braided string serveing. They were much, much more durable, yet the mono was slick. Holding a mere 10 to 12 lbs at full draw and getting a clean release is hard to master. But now , I am wondering why I would view it any different with a recurve. Every string I have has a braid serving????. Does anyone else shoot a mono serveing for this reason? I started to reserve a string or two this week... but then I figured why bother with 20+ year old serving.
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I was looking at Lancasters site. Seems mono serveing is not offered. What would be a good mono replacement, something slicker than braid?
Halo is pretty slick. But I've had trouble with it sliding on the string.
Halo is pretty slick. But I've had trouble with it sliding on the string.
I used to tie short serveing... for less weight, more speed. They would slide up or split on me. I started spraying the string in the serveing area only with a 3m tacky spray. Can't recall what it was called.
A number of string walkers shoot mono serving. I think I like it best for string walking when shooting field.
I recall seeing a Brownell's product called Liquid Lok that is applied to the string prior to serving and prevents separation.
I shoot mono. I use fishing line mono. The cheap stuff from Wal-Mart. $3 and you have a lifetime supply. A few more $ and you can a large variety of different diameters. Admittedly I do change strings frequently couple times a year, but after about 2 years of using it, I have yet to have any serving failures.

Fair warning. Some folks do have a tough getting mono to work for them, regardless of where they get it from.
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