With some changes in work coming and having less time to hunt I’m selling out. I’m gonna learn to love the compound again and I feel like in order to do so I need to not have these bows laying around.

I have three sets of limbs. From right to left
Uukha Gobi longs #45 SOLD
Uukha EX1 EVO2 longs #40 (on 25” riser) SOLD
Win and win Winnex longs #32 (on 25” riser) rattle canned. SOLD

Each of these limb sets come with sleeves.

I also have two risers

JC Optimus 2.0 19” with springy and two RCore grips (bronze mid and black low) SOLD
Hoyt Satori 19” cerakoted sniper green. (This riser has seen a lot of action so shows some songs but in great shape. SOLD

I also have some strings and broad heads and stuff would be willing to make a deal. If you wanted everything I would try and make a heck of a deal.

Also have a warf riser and some Samick made tradtech black max limbs if anyone is interested.

All prices are tyd with PayPal.