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Well folks?'s been a stressful week...mainly cause I was still tired all work week from the 4 chilly hours of sleep I got two nights in a row at the TBOF bunkhouse....but my sugar was a little high this morning (thanks to last night being pizza night and had one slice to many)...and new by noon that I needed to move around and get some exercise and what better way than to grab my bushmen longbow & quiver with my Pat Carter woodies and do some roving walk backs snapping'em off instinctively...and abuse youtube a little more. :lol:

I promised myself I'd do this on the first take (so you guys can see the real me) with nothing left on the cutting room floor...nailed the first two at 10 & 12yds...(they pop out of the thick part of the stuffing even with heavier bows so I know I drilled it both times) then just missed the head at 15...then plucked and whiffed one badly crouched at 22yds and was just a touch left twice at 25yds...and this is my first 6 shots of the day...hope you enjoy and L8R, Bill. :)

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