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Pse Ghost 17"riser-100tyd
Bought it used and shot very little since I got a good deal on a Black Wolf after i got it.grip is a little on the bulky side.
WW XQ1,long ,44# - 250tyd
Shot very little as the limb butt shows. Fast and quiet on my Epic15 riser but too much weight for me . Comes with limbsavers and sleeve.

SF Fiber foam limbs,long 46# -sold
Bought them used and had camo tape on it. Removed the tape and it had glue residue which looks like super glue on the back. Belly was spray painted black. Very solid limb but too heavy for me now.

TT Blackmax Carbon Wood limbs,long 50#on a 17 riser- 140tyd
This is the 1st gen carbonwood made by Samuck. Shot it very little and the limb butt shows this. Comes with limbsavers.

JCA Carbon Foam limbs,long 45#on a 17 - 120tyd
I believe this are made by Junxing for JCA. Bought as back up and used very little. Decent limbs, a little noisy on my Epic 15 riser compared to my TT BF Extreme.

DAS Bamboo limbs,XL 45# sold tyd
Again, shot very little. I sanded the butt to make it fit on my Epic 15 riser since the hut was a little long by a hair to properly seat on my riser. Coated the sanded butt with super glue.

TETHRD ESS saddle - sold tyd
Bought 8/2020. Never used because the Latitude method came out jusf after i bought this.

Paypal g&s. I might consider options. Let me know.
Have a good day everyone.
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