Items For Trade:

Proline XT compound riser for someone to use for an ILF project.
To be CLEAR.....NOTHING has been changed on the riser. It's all original but I've researched the web and found multiple examples of this riser used for ILF projects so it being offered for those perhaps having a use for it. I have more photos for those interested.

21" Metal riser
Cushion plunger (appears generic)
Side sight holes
Front and rear stabilizer holes
El cheapo wrist sling

I also have multiple Snuffer heads that I believe to be Magnus manufacture.
Some with factory screw in and some glue on. Weights go from 125 (glue on) to some 150 (both glue on and screw in) and two over 190 with aluminum screw in adapters. There ARE some spots on them. They are NOT "like new" so if that is an issue please do not inquire about them. They are not pitted and would clean up well if that is an issue.

I'm in need of an inexpensive right wing helical jig like the Bohning Pro with a right clamp (only one needed) and only right wing feathers 4 or 5 inch. Yeah, a Bitz would be awesome but......holy moly those got pricey! (I gave my two away years ago, LOL).
Feathers. Other than those below, I am looking for SOLID white, yellow or orange 4 or 5 inch shield cut

SPECIAL interest in REAL barred (not imitation barred) shield cut turkey feathers. Four or Five inch. Natural grey ,dyed yellow or orange, also RIGHT wing only, please. These I would also buy straight out. I do not need tons of them. Even a dozen is of interest. Multiples of 3, please. These are available online if one looks but hoping to find a trade here first.

The riser is up for swap, make and offer of jig and feathers or 50 dollars TYD (US lower 48 only, USPS priority mail) but the Snuffers are trade only. I have more Snuffers than shown too.

Pm with any questions / offers you may have and I'll reply ASAP
Product Sleeve Textile Luggage and bags Waist
Bicycle part Human leg Fashion accessory Carmine Metal
Sleeve Gesture Grey Automotive exterior Auto part
Wood Rectangle Font Plant Hardwood

God Bless

Will Trade For:

Fletching jig and feathers