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After having both the Black Thunder (on loan from Rusty) and the Dryad ACS Target limbs for a while now, I can give a more balanced review I think.
Riser: The Stolid Bull Black Thunder is one hell of a riser. By far the stiffest and heaviest riser I've ever shot. The engineering is typically German and by that I mean over engineered to perfection. The anodizing is not great however and the grip must be a really personal thing. I never took to it. It is fairly deflex making it very forgiving but I found it didn't balance very well in a neutral position. Even with it's BB weight on it tips back at rest and in the shot. My Spig BB with internal weight and 11oz B Stinger is still 2# lighter but much better balanced.
Overall, it's a great riser, but is it the best, that is a personal choice for the owners.

Limbs: Dryad ACS Target recurve, [email protected] on a 25" riser. First off let me say I'm not going to publish speeds but at my draw and the poundage I use, they are AS fast as any figures I've seen posted here. They are stiff but not as stiff as the Uukhas I had. That seems a good thing because they are fairly forgiving on bad releases. I've never bought into this whole "let off" thing with so called super curve limbs. I have shot them all and yes they have a different feel but the let off thing is just hype and you don't notice it after a few shots anyway. They are nice to pull to full draw and have a crisp feeling at release. Not the quietest but still ok. My only gripe is that the finish is not what I'd expect for a top end limb. That being said, I'd buy another pair in a heart beat. I would have shot more if my arm wasn't troubling me again but this is my findings so far. the limbs are keepers but on my Spig BB I think.

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