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Other the course of the last few months I've been playing around with different length and gauge wires for my rests along with trying the Springy rest.

I've noticed that vertical compliance of the rest is a fairly substantial component of arriving at a forgiving stringwalking tune. It also has a substantial impact on POD in certain situations.

I found that a stiffer wire required a higher NP to avoid rest bounce when shooting with longer crawls and showed greater change in NP requirements as the crawl changed. The most extreme example of this was a Spig ZT with the wire shortened which actually was incapable of being crawled far enough to aim PO at 5-10m unless the NP was set so high the BS would dive under the bale at 30m.

Generally a thinner gauge wire which was longer allowed a lower NP which was much less sensitive to crawl. For now I'm using a standard AAE wire which seems to be working well but I think that even a little more flex would be desireable.

Of course a thin wire leads to durability issues unless you have access to some sort of spring steel.

The Springy takes this concept and refines the tuning process a bit further in that you can adjust the vertical compliance with different weight springs. Unfortunately the horizontal tune is also effected by the spring rate which means the effect of the vertical rate wasn't able to be tested independantly. My testing showed that it was not capable of giving good enough clearance for the use of mylar vanes so I discontinued testing. However for someone shooting harder vanes or feathers this could be an excellent rest, especially if you need to reduce your gaps without dropping speed.

All of this leads me along the road to where I am now. What about designing a rest which functions like a standard magnetic flipper but has adjustable vertical compliance?

My immediate thought was of the NAP Quicktune series of compound rests:
These allow for an adjustment of spring tension which controls how easily the prongs are deflected.
Clearly this rest would not work as stock because there is no side pressure and if one was to use it with a plunger there would be issues getting clearance with the prongs.

However what if one was to combine that rotating assembly with the flipper head of something like this:

I think in that case you would have a rest which was adjustable in the standard magnetic flipper ways but also had a controllable component of vertical compliance.
In theory a person could use this to either tune for maximum forgiveness in a stringwalking tune or perhaps even control POD.

Those are my completely theoretical thoughts at this moment. The components are cheap enough and I have the equipment to make it work so perhaps I will give it a try over the winter.


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Grant, if I'm following correctly? Golden key futura used to make a finger rest that was one prong on the outside and a plunger. I know a few ppl shot it and loved the results.
I have considered doing the same with one of my old prong rests for shooting compound fingers but went the other direction and used a drop away for fingers.
Doesn't help you, but prong and plunger works well for compound finger shooters. Not sure for a recurve?


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Hello Grant and All
I have a arrow rest I just purchased. I would like for you to try.
I just bought my new 6 one for $69.95 . The rest hasn't been on a bow yet.

Here is my offer. [ Smile.
I will pay postage and send it to you. To try out.
You try it. And if you don't like it. You pay postage and send it back.

If do like it and rest works out for you. Keep it for $49.95 and that doesn't count my shipping charge ,when I bought the rest. The rest is one week old. I will trow it in for a old buddy :cheers:Smile..
And I will order me another one.

Now to the ketch part ha ha. May- B you would B so kind to post a tread here, if you like it.

I still have your shipping address. The ball is in your court.Your not obligated in any way here. Old buddy. :cheers: Smile [ Later
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