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Removing bed liner

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Ok I've read many threads on how to prep and paint/bed liner a riser.

Now the twist

On a bare aluminum riser or anodized riser, without prepping the riser or scuffing the surface how hard would it be to peel bed liner off of the riser?
Painting you can scratch it off with stiff plastic or a fingernail.
I'm thinking bed liner will be more durable than paint and possibly able to peel off?
This way I can get a riser color I want and cover it for hunting, limb skins work great and still a good option but my brain was working last night. Not normal.

Anyone try something along these lines?


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These metal risers are some fickle things. If you don't use some sort of acid etching primer even sprayed-on bedliner will flake off... and sometimes it'll flake even when you DO!
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