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Pond, God responds to those who seek him.........Always
Very true. First and foremost, we have to seek Him. Then honestly look at His Word. Most people who trash the Bible have never honestly studied it with an open heart. When you do that, you will find it is so amazing it cannot be a haphazard book of stories, as some contend.

One of the most difficult issues for a Christian is groping with why bad things happen, and why God does not always intervene the way we think He should. I would highly recommend a book to you that will address many of those difficult questions. It is titled, Letters from a Skeptic, by Greg and Edward Boyd. It is a compilation of letters between a skeptical cynical unbelieving dad, and his believing son. They openly discuss many of those questions. Ultimately, the dad comes to a point of asking Christ into his life. The letters answer enough of his questions to bring him into Christianity.

I have studied the Christian belief system for over 35 years now. And the more I study, the stronger my confidence is. If Christians are right, you have everything to lose by not giving it an honest look.

Get that book. In fact, if you will email me with your full name and mailing address, I will send a copy at my expense.

[email protected]
Mitchell Blount
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