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Alright, I need to clear out some stuff I’ve acquired this summer but am not using much. First up, limbs:

40 lb long Winex- These are the old Winex with the honeycomb cores. Bought them because they came available and usually don’t, but they’re too heavy for me. Wish they were 32’s or less and I’d keep them. Great shape. They had DAS bushings, but I put W&W ILF bushings in them. $275 TYD

Samick Discovery R3 Foams marked 35# and 62” on a 17” riser. Bought new, shot less than 100 times. $100 TYD. Sold

WNS Delta NX 25” riser in black. Great shape. $135 TYD SOLD

Next up I have a Hoyt Rambo Warf supposedly done by Loc-Do. It’s straight, well-done, and the paint job is awesome. It’s just a little lighter in mass weight than the other one I’ve been shooting and is a backup that I’ve not been using as much as I had hoped. $125 TYD

Finally, I have 2 dozen uncut Platinum Plus 2315’s with inserts. They are older and have the swaged nock, and 6 of them currently have nicks on them. $85 TYD
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