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I've seen it mentioned several times in passing that using pin nocks has the effect of increasing an arrow's (dynamic) spine. Is there any rule of thumb for just how much stiffer the arrow will become, i.e. will a pin nock/bushing make a .600 act like a .500, or . . . is it a smaller degree of difference related to fine tuning and dialing in FOC?



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Hi Salskov,

Interesting question. I think it really depends on the the arrow. Larger dia arrows that say use a G nock bushing and a G nock should not be very different because the Pin insert and the bushing are close to the same weight. With smaller shafts it might be G nock alone compared to a Pin insert and Pin nock. In this case one might be adding 10-16 grains to the total arrow weight.

As a rough estimate of the effect I take the arrow speed of a known arrow and devide the speed by the weight. (204fps / 417gr = .0.489 fps per grain). Then I multiply the speed factor by the grain difference. (0.498 fps / gr x 10 = 4.98 fps slower in this case)

I would be happy for someone with more experience to challange or improve on my guesstimating method.

How a worst case 5fps reduction in speed will effect your arrow drop and dynamic spine (moving the arrow left for a right hand shooter) depends on your shooting, your setiup, and the range.

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