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Boiling water is the best (no chance of damage) way to remove inserts glued with any of the polyethylene based hot melts. Just hold them in the water for a few seconds and push the insert out with a rod from the other end.

tip.... Don't use your wives best teflon coated pan to drop the points in.
tip2.. go down to your local hardware store and buy hot met glue gun sticks, same stuff as sold for archery use without the dye and a 1000% mark up.

2K (2 part epoxy) varies some, +- 50 deg depending on type, will start softening around 250 deg and decomposing around 450 deg. So you've got about a 150 deg safety range for getting the insert out. Easy to over do it. It's worth trying boiling water to soften it in conjunction with the drill bit trick before getting out the torch or cut off saw.

The only excuse I can think of for anyone to ever use epoxy on an arrow is to sell more shafts.
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