Original 68''@25H (Medium) N3 Limbs Progress Series Carbon Fiber Limbs - $200 TYD

Outstanding set of limbs will come as shown in the pics w/ limb sleeves.

* Please check out my CD WF 19” Stalker Riser listing. If you would like to purchase the riser and set of limbs, the cost will be $575 TYD.

I am also open to trade for a longbow in the 40# - 47# draw weight range.

From the Manufacturer:
  • Limb length: 68'' @25H
  • Material: 55% carbon fiber content
  • Fittings: Standard ILF
Product description: Nika Archery Progress Series Carbon Fiber Limbs

  • Nika Archery Progress Series Carbon Fiber Limb is an all-carbon limb that's more dense than typical laminated limbs. It's designed to be fast and to recover from a lot of shots.weights.
  • Designed with the Curve profile, which stores more energy and provides a 4% speed gain (about 8 fps, equivalent to a 3# gain at 40#). The Curve profile provides limbs that are smooth, low vibration, and faster which are great for shooting long distances with lower poundage.
  • Visible weaved carbon and monolithic structure offers torsion stability superior to laminated limbs. Its technology guarantees limbs will not twist and remain unaffected by weather conditions.
  • Core structure is made of unidirectional carbon and glass which is responsible for flex resistance, high durability and vibration dampening. Narrow limb ends and solid carbon tips have been reduced to increase speed.
  • Fit for all standard ILF type. This is a good choice for archers who plan to shoot long distances with light draw.