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I started this on the LW. Maybe there's more newbs here. It is interesting.

I know it's been said and discussed. But is there a way to measure? Could measure before and after scores, but the amount of practice would come into play. Here's something more immediate.
We have two "new guys at the club". A while ago one of them said to me, I've been shooting a recurve since you showed me your trad gear last year."

I had just thought of something that might make it easier to teach back tension, so I asked them if they wanted to be guinea pigs. I had a suspicion I could improve their form with increasing their draw length and there by increasing consistency.

I asked them to shoot 5 arrows through a chrono before the lesson they shot 10. I'm going to put down all 10 because I suspect there will be some doubt as to what happened. One of them has been here and might verify.

Archer A Archer B

First shot 155.6 162.5 159.6 170.5 157.0 168.2 157.4 160.8 161.5 165.7 161.8 171.0 161.8 172.6 165.2 170.6 164.2 161.8 160.7 169.6

Archer A's high 165.2 low 157 dif of 8.2

Archer B high 172.6 low 160.8 dif 11.8

Add in an hour plus lesson. I might add here that archer B has a 31 inch draw (not measured) but he has long arms.

Archer A Archer B 177.2 202.3 177.2 198.2 178.4 201.6 176.0 198.0 176.3 193.2

I saw Archer B collapse at the last shot and he new it and asked if he could shoot again. 199.0

So if we take out the last shot (when you know what you did wrong that's a real step to learning.)

Archery A high 178.4 low 176.0 dif 3.4

Archer B high 202.3 low 198 dif 4.3

Consistency is the real key to accuracy. Speed will decrease a gap which does help accuracy. For you speed guys here's the averages.

Archer A before - 160.4 after - 177.0

Archer B before - 167.3 after - 199.8

I apologize for any math errors.


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I have no doubt that having a coach during the start up phase would save months of trying to unlearn bad habits a year down the line.
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