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Did you get your Bear Montana at a "big box" sporting goods store? I ask because your bow is 50# and at your 29" draw, that is likely going to be around 53# - kind of stout for any beginner and hard to develop good form if you're struggling to hold at anchor. Seems the big box stores only like to carry the 50# and up draw weights and anything less is for the women and children.

At any rate, just plain shooting is good to develop your muscles, form, and learn your sight picture. At some point, you will want to consider bareshaft tuning your bow to make sure things are lined up properly and to see how far well matched your arrows' spine is to the bow. Chances are, if it was a compound guy who set up your bow for you, then it's a fair ways off tune. Not to dismiss them, but setting up a single stringed bow is different form setting up a compound.
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