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I have been fighting my TP for many years.
I did some “desesiblation” (is it the word?) last month, by drawing-aiming and letting down.
Then start shooting at 7 meters on a reduced Indoor target until feel confidence then move farther. I’m now at 16 meters.
I shot by a combination of stringwalking and gap, that is, I set my crawl so arrows hit yellow wile aiming just below the target. My trigger still is the target image with the correct gap. My problem is that I do this totally subconscious. I do not know how it happens. Sometimes image looks out but arrow hits center. I’m doing pretty well about, 240 points (300 max) at 16 meters. I can get close to 250 but the problem is that when I try to aim, arrow go up and left.
What to do?
Keep training this way o get back closer and restart “the bridge” aiming for some seconds?
Hope I could explain it in an understandable way.
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