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My New Bow + Some Questions

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Hello all!

Since moving from Olympic Recurve to stringwalking I have now gone 'all the way' so to speak to fully fledged 'traditional', shooting a KG Cobra (see pic below) and really enjoying it.

This is about the best group I can get at 10 metres at the moment, but I am shooting off the hand and learning to shoot what I would probably say is 'split vision'

I do have a question: For some reason, I am way more accurate when I cant the bow quite a lot, as much as 45 degrees. The arrows seem more forgiving of a bad release this way than with a less canted bow.

Just wondering if this is something to do with arrow spine or just the way I personally shoot best?

Still not sure about arrow spine either, currently shooting 40-45 POC shafts cut to 28" and the bow is 40lb @ 28", so probably pulling 37-38lb ish at my d/l (Havent weighed yet though) The bow does have fiber glass in its construction.

Could possibly try some weaker arrows, as the arrow pass is quite wide?

Anyway, wanted to show you the new baby more than anything else!

Thanks all :)
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Bad form can give short term gains. I can't see you shoot, but pretty sure you're going to have to bend over to shoot with a 45 can. So can you bend over and cant the exact same position every time?

I'd say that you are on the upper "edge" with the arrows you're using. However every archer and every bow is an individual unto him/her/itself. That being said, I'll continue explaining...
1. I'm not shooting off my hand, so your mileage may more than likely vary.
2. My bow is a Howard Hill "Wesley Special" American semi long bow and has a shelf.
3. The Wesley is cut , if I remember correctly 1/8" before center. and is 50#s @ my draw length.
4. Therefore on my particular bow the spine of my arrows are between 40 and 45#s in spine weight [ same as yours].
Thus IMHO your arrows are at the very least riding the upper edge in spine weight for a 40# bow which in light of it being a LB should use at least IMHO arrows spined between 35 and 40#s. It has been my experience that LBs like a lighter spined arrow than do recurves.
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IMO There is nothing there (in the picture of the target) that implies a spine problem. Just like in OR, form and repeatability is paramount! Keep shooting what you have until your grouping is better. THEN you will start to see if there is a spine or other equipment problem.
Thanks guys.

@Bowmania to be honest I may be exaggerating, I would have to film myself. But surely any amount of cant is harder to replicate exactly than no cant at all? Yet plenty of excellent archers cant the bow.

@Cyrille Thanks for the info....same advice I was given on another forum. I'm down to five arrows now, (only bought 6 to start with to check spine) so might be worth trying a different spine when I next buy a set. 35-40lbs sounds like a good bet.

Thanks. Yes I don't have a problem with the fletched arrows. I tried shooting bare shafts and these almost always impacted nock left, which suggests weak, however I was told this test is not very practical for a non centre shot bow. This advice was bourne out, as just the other day I drew the string back to about half my normal draw length and loosed a bare shaft, it still went nock left, about the same amount as before! So obviously something else is at play there.
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