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I shoot a lot at my house and like to mix things up a bit and shoot many different distances and angles

One of my favorite things to do to practice for Archery Drives is to shoot at moving targets

I swing my Rhinehart cube and shoot at it from different distances

Today was at about 30 yards or so

If you watch you will see I come to full anchor and hold. When I lock in on a circle I release

I like the smaller ones the best

I am trying to simulate a walking deer target

Over the years I have found I get shots at more relaxed deer if I don't try and stop them


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JP, I'd like to see you attach a camera to an arrow and get some footage of it flying into the target.
That would improve FOC alright.

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I love the ball

It becomes a very interesting target when hung

I usually do not swing it like in the video

Usually I will just get an arrow in it and that starts it spinning

Great to time your shots on a slow moving target

I went roving tonight

For me that is either stumping or I carry a small volley ball size Rhinehart ball and throw it where it rolls I shoot it

Kinda a mini ever changing 3 D course

On the way out of the woods I stalk the Hanging Rhinehart

This was my view at 43 yds you can see the arrow as it rotated

This was my shot a bit right

Than I went up and shot it at the 30ish mark as it rotated

A lot of fun :)

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