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The thread about snap shooting led to this . . .

Been thinking for awhile now about the striking similarities between Target Panic and Mission Saturation.

Take a radically intensively trained person - say a search & rescue chopper pilot - and there will be a point where the introduction of even the slightest variable will cause all that hardwired neuromuscular matrix to lock up solid, a phenomenon sometimes known as Mission Saturation. The results are often fatal.

The disconnect seems to occur because the more dominant the neuromuscular cadence is, the less ability the individual has to "think out of the box", thus the saturation point of lockup and the inability to option-think outside of it to break out of it.

This - by the way - stands in contrast to the "chi" of martial arts that emphasises an "unfocused" yet razor sharp 360 degree situational awareness as a trigger for response. The response itself is, however, a similar neuromuscular cadence only achieved through intense discipline. I note this because TP or Mission Saturation don't appear to be a problem even at the highest levels of martial arts competition. This sort of awareness seems particularly difficult for the Western mind to encompass.

I'm not saying that the two are the same nor do I have a magic bullet of a TP antidote. Just food for thought and/or comment.


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