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This is Our workplace...

Dirt cakes our bodies, smoke fills our noses and lungs, cordite stings our eyes. Our bodies scream with pain, joints ache, muscles twich from exhaustion. Our ears ring from all the ordinance, incoming and outgoing, We have the spastic shits as our guts try to deal with the local germs. Shattered bodies litter the ground around us, the stench of burned bodies gags us...

Simple comforts, food, sleep or a shower, are acts We take serious...

But We endure...

We are Americas Warrior class. We protect and avenge. Every moment is a test. If We measure up to the worst days, it proves We stand a breed apart from all other men.

Dark humor and brotherhood keep insanity at bay...

We endure it all, and when it's all over and We stand on American soil, We Remember the Fallen, the good times, the bad times and the ugly times... And, strangely, We miss it all...


To my Brothers, past and present... I miss You... I Love You...

Crack On...

Semper Fi, Never Forgotten...

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This poem by me deals with a fictional family on the

Day After Christmas 1941*

She stood there
in the train station;
sixteen years old

as he kissed her mother

As she watched, tears
flooded her eyes, blurring
his image as he bent to kiss
her younger sister.

He turned, lifted her in the air...
"See you later, funny-face"
they rubbed noses, he kissed her,
put her down, "my young lady,"
he added smiling.

She stood there
as he boarded the train
with his Navy buddies

Watching, wiping her eyes
with his embroidered handkerchief,
The "U.S.S. Lexington CV-2" in bold white
against a sea blue background...

Watching, waving
as the train
the station...

She would never
see him again.

*I wrote in honor of all who have served in our Military Forces.

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On this Memorial Day weekend, we in the US remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. No thanks could ever be enough, and our only hope is to pass our freedom forward as best we can.

But I think we would be wrong to forget that ultimate bravery is found elsewhere -
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I want to thank all who have served for you have given me a safe place to live. You have made this a great country. I find myself sometimes while hunting thanking you for for your sacrifices so I can walk free with bow in hand chasing animals I love and knowing other countries can't do that. Thank you again for everything you do, my wife and I really appreciate it.

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I remember the unsung and not ordinarily recognized people that have served with honor and dedication in 2 wars I was involved in and wars before and after my service. Hero's come in all sizes, sexes, and duties. I honor them all.
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