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i posted this on the FB site but, for those of you not on FB, I just want to reiterate what a great time I had with the Sids and the Border Reivers on my recent trip to Mellerstain Gordon. Sid Sr graciously set me up with a Covert Hunter so I could participate in the monthly 3D shoot. I was awful but that was no fault of the bow and the company was the best. As we were all insulting each other within the hour, I would say I was amongst good friends.
On the next day, my wife and I visited the bow works where all the magic happens. It was like seeing Santa's workshop and meeting all the elves and Sid II. What a great group of craftsmen and artists and Anne there to keep it all running. i tried a variety of long bows while I was there and fell in love with each of them. A dream visit to be sure.
Thanks again to the Sids for making it a memorable time.
If someone would advise me how the hell to stick a picture in here without putting it in a separate website, I would be much obliged.
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