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Recurve bow identification questions

I have a recurve bow that I've had for about ten years now. I've always wanted to know more about it but I just haven't gotten around to asking wiser people than myself until now.

I received the bow as a birthday present from a couple at church. A couple of months before my family had gone over to this couple's house for lunch and I had taken a homemade bow I had crafted with a stick and a string, and I had spent the afternoon playing with this (I was 11 or 12 at the time). Now it turns out that the wife's brother hand makes bows and he had given the husband one as a wedding present. It had been sitting in their attic for about 15 years and he had hardly used it, so he gave it to me for my birthday a couple of months later. I don't know a whole lot about bows but this one seems really nice to me and I want to know more about it.

Here are some of the details about it that I know:

The guy who made it is named Corey Adams
I think it is named "viper"
I think it is is 66" tall
It has the notations " 37#&28" " handwritten on it
It has a serial number on it

It is a really awesome bow and I absolutely love it. I would like to know if Corey Adams is a very well known bow maker, if the bow is rare, and what you guys think it is worth. I am not interested in selling it, I just want to know for curiosity's sake.

I seem to be having trouble attaching multiple pictures so I will see if I can post more in response to my thread or something.

Thanks in advance!


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