Baby needs a new pair of back up bows!

If it’s not listed it already sold or I’m keeping it. I will update asap. Prices are firm but questions are welcome. I’ll trade (plus cash if needed) for a 70” javaman impala express 35-45lbs. Any high end longbow 66”+ 35-45lb (I have 31” draw). win/win nsg long 36. Win/win Mxt10 foam or wood long 36 or 38. Mk zest 36long. 27” right hand border tempest.

—Uukha sx50 long 38lbs. Calipered for centered bushings and perfectly centered . Mint. Not mounted. Changed my mind. Now they are staring at me every day. $375tyd

—Mk Korea wild mountain. 36 long on 25”. Mounted. Less than 50 shots. They have the same profile and draw feel as my high end mkmx but are the medium tier carbons, foams, hence 5fps slower and slightly more post shot feel but GREAT limbs. Perfect fit and finish. Super straight. Matte finish minimal graphic is sweet. Mk work flawless as usual. I can swap them with my mkmx with no adjustments on same riser they are straight. . $300tyd

—.725 McKinney 2. Used but serviceable. Mostly New nocks beiter large in/out. Extra included. 14 shafts 29 5/8” carbon to carbon. One broken could be cut to 28 5/8”. No points. $65

— SOLD dozen .600 Easton REDLINE new old stock never shot. Vintage ha! 100gn (I think) nib points. Blue hot melt. 22 small throat g nocks most new. $50 SOLD

—dozen .500 X impact never shot. Black eagle nocks. Black eagle deep impact 120 points bulge flush fit with these. Points are Dozen new others slightly used good. $110

—.450 pandarus elite ca 320 (barreled) USED but serviceable. Dozen. 1 arrow no longer spins true (I use it blind bale) the other 11 are great. 100gn tungsten. Large throat recurve nocks. Brady like vane. 30 3/4” cc 31 5/8” throat of nock tip of point. $200tyd These things are nuts! Check out Stephens reviews on archery supplies Australia.

— SOLD .450 Easton x10 new. Weight code C5
6 shafts full length uncut. $235tyd SOLD

—.450 pandarus elite barreled. .0015 Same as my personal above. Dozen Brand new in box with 120tungsten, collars, nocks, pins $370 tyd

—.500 pandarus elite ca320 barreled with tungsten. Dozen New in box. $370 tyd

—.550 pandarus elite ca 320 barreled with tungsten 120. Dozen New in box. $370 tyd

—.600 “ pandarus ca 320 barrelled 120 tungsten dozen new in box $370

—.SOLD 700 pandarus “ice point” parallel carbon. .001 I’m shooting some and they compare to nano pro imo . 3.2mm x10 sized components. Hardened stainless steel point. Collars both front and back dozen brand new in box all components . $210 SOLD
—not pictured I also have the above parallel “ice point” carbons in a few other spines out of state but can get quickly let me know and I’ll see what I have.

—10 old used but serviceable .003 VAP (old old label nano force) .600 spine with some extra test shafts. Beiter In/out small. $35 tyd

Vap points 12/100gn 8/140gn
Used blue hot melt
$15 tyd

—Plurima cube small diameter .500 x16 complete arrows +4 more. .003 straightness but were better than that on my spine tester. 120 stainless points. large recurve nock. Eli vanes great condition most. Cc 30 3/4”. Throat to tip of point 32 1/8”. And an extra 4 of same shaft at 1/2” shorter. All used but good. $110tyd.


—Barska 20-60x60 WP angled spotting scope. lightly used well taken care of includes everything in original boxes/bags manuals etc. $115 tyd.

Tungsten points brand new
120gn tungsten dozen for x10 new 110tyd

120gn tungsten dozen for x10 new 110tyd

140gn shoreshot dozen old model tungsten $120tyd

—Zniper plunger lightly used then back in box. 2 tips, all springs, hardware packaging etc. $90 tyd

—New and used Black eagle deep impact points 120
$20 tyd imperfect fit with 500s above. Dozen

—Black eagle deep impact points 140 all new
$20tyd these don’t flush fit the shafts above. Dozen