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Had my appendix out last night. Doc didn't seem terribly impressed when I asked if Thursday would be too early to start shooting again.

2 weeks off work and the best ways to spend my time are off limits.

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What do Doctors know, really?...:).....Get well soon!......Jim
Spend the time visualising.............. Have you read Lanny Basham?
Your Dr. must not be an archer :)

Wishing you a speedy recovery
Archery on the iPad, job done 😀

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I'm thinking about starting from a chair just to stabilize my core a bit better, that and sticking to the wheel bow for a little while.

Of course I did just put together a 26# 68" rig for my girlfriend.....

Just don't rip the stitches!
I had my gallbladder out 5 years ago and they did it by scope. I thought no problem how sore could I be. Its funny how many plain daily things involve using stomach muscles that are all stitched back up. Take it easy on the front end you will get back shooting faster.
Grant, I had my knee operated on and on the way home I got a message that a package for me had just showed I went by the shop and it was a new bow( who'd a guessed). So I made my wife stop and got it home assembled it and talked my wife into retrieving my arrows while I stood in the backyard and shot it....

Best wife ever...

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Sorry to hear it Grant. At least you're okay. Get well soon.
Grant hope ya mend quick

You will be shooting the GF's bow ... At least I would :)

Dewayne your a man after my own heart
Speedy recovery - enjoy the two weeks and take it easy!
Feeling like I did about 1000 sit-ups last night. I should have asked them to give me the "300" ab package while they were in there ;)

Still 1x1" and 2x1/2" incisions isn't so bad all things considered. I was walking around an hour after I made it out of recovery.

Didn't need anything stiffer then Tramadol which is similar to Codine. The nurses kept asking if I wanted Morphine so either I got off light in the pain department or I'm just too thick to notice it.

Oddly enough I just turned 30 last week and this was the first time I've ever had an IV, overnight stay in a hospital or surgery. I'm downright phobic of hospitals so it was tense to say the least.

You get a snack on the way home ;-)
Good luck with heading in the right direction grant - have had a three surgeries over the years & the first one I didn't take it easy as my son had surgery 3d later - it was the only one that had a longer recovery - chances are there's something good on Netflix or YouTube :) - M.
Grant, sorry man, heal up quickly, I'm over twice yer age, and still got my 'pendix, 'couse it's a time bob waiting to go off.
I filled up at the hospital. I don't think a greasy burger would stay with me long, Navy hardened stomach notwithstanding!
Now Steve, why would you say that "it's a time bomb, waiting to go off I'm 73 in earth years and still have mine also.
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Heal fast, remember all Docs are mostly still practicing....
I feel your pain Grant. Got mine taken out in the 7th grade in 1976. It was a 2"-3" incision; the old fashioned way. I was making the bed and went to spread the top sheet and thought my gut was split, WOW did that hurt.

Are your shoulders sore from the CO2?

Take it easy so you don't have a return visit. BTW, I like hospitals, I have worked at the same one for over 30 years.
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