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since it's getting warmer, i thought i would post an easy thai/lao salad for the bold among you to try.
the recipe is pretty straight up. no surprises. the main thing is to not hurry the chicken. and, the ground chicken available at the grocery store is fine. i chop thighs with a heavy cleaver because i like that meat or duck.

•1 pound ground chicken
•½ cup (3 fluid ounces) water, if necessary (see instructions)
•2 large shallots, peeled and finely sliced lengthwise
•1 tablespoon store-bought or homemade toasted rice powder (or skip)
•Fish sauce, or to taste
•Lime juice, or to taste
•Ground dried red pepper, to taste
•½ cup (4g) whole cilantro leaves or coarsely-chopped sawtooth coriander leaves
•⅓ cup (8g) mint leaves

1.In a skillet over medium heat, saute the chicken until cooked through. (Don’t use high heat; you don’t want to brown the chicken.) There should be some juice in the pan. If it gets too dry, add some water to the pan up to ½ cup. don't add more than you need!
2.Once the chicken is done, take the pan off the heat and immediately add the shallots; toss to wilt the shallots. let cool a couple of minutes
3.Start out by adding 1 tablespoon of fish sauce and 1 tablespoon of lime juice. Toss everything together well, and taste to see if you like how it tastes. If not, add more fish sauce and/or lime juice until the salad tastes right to you. (For this recipe, I use 2 tablespoons of fish sauce and 4 tablespoons of lime juice.)
4.Add the toasted rice powder; toss.
5.Add about one teaspoon of dried chilli powder to the mix and taste. I usually add 1 tablespoon, but that may be too much for some of you.
6.Once the taste is where you want your laab to be, mix in the mint leaves and cilantro or culantro. Serve.
PLEASE ONLY USE FRESH HERBS! the mint at a vietnamese grocery is worth getting, along with the sawleaf herb (culantro), (french coriander)

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Sounds good! Is there a particular brand of fiah sauce you recommend? There are quite a few Oriental markets close to where I live. My brother-in-law's girlfriend is Filipino plus I know a lot of Korean/Vietnamese/Thai folks.
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