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Living in the UK I have never done any bow hunting (but have always wanted to hunt small game) like I do with my sling shot.

The other day I was chatting to a British Telecom engineer on the phone in India who was helping me renew my computer security and had access to my screen.

He happened to notice a picture I had of myself in cammo holding a rabbit I had taken with my slingshot.

He then mentioned that he went fishing and also hunted rabbits at weekends with his bow!

This was like music to my ears and he mentioned that though India was a Hindu country he had been brought up a Christian and felt that if the occasion arose and people were interested in Christianity it was important to tell people about it.

I agreed and we chatted on for a while.
To cut a long story short he invited me and my family over for a hunting and fishing holiday (refusing any offer of payment).

Though I would like to take him up on his offer I cannot find much information about the legality of visitors to India bow hunting there.
If anybody knows about this I would be very glad to hear about it.
Google doesn't have much info on this.

I felt that God brought about this 'chance' meeting and it inspired me in my faith.

Hope he is there if I meet a cobra!
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