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Hello Folks,
I'm new to the forum and archery in general. I'm looking to pick up a beginner to intermediate ILF setup that I can grow into. I need a 70in bow and I wanted to start at 35ish pounds at about a 30in draw.
That being said I have found that finding a reasonably priced 25in riser is not so easy.
I am presently looking at
the Infitec Challenger Riser and limbs which will run me about $250 shipped. This will be a 70/32 setup.I have read the manufacturer's descriptions and as much about the company as I can find. My problem is I can't find anyone talking about this product line other than the manufacturer and the distributors.
Does anyone here own one or seen one in action? Is there a viable alternative? Is the company so new that everyone else is waiting for someone else to buy the first one?

Any help would be appreciated.


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The cost is quite reasonable.
I would recommend a lower starting weight, say 26#, and getting access to quality coaching. Archery sucess is built on repeatable shots and the efficency of the shots is potentially improved by coaching. Learning repeatable form is less stressful with a lighter draw weight.
Oh, and keep it fun!
Best, Butch
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