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IBO Membership for Trad Worlds

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A buddy of mine wants to come with me to the IBO Trad Worlds next weekend, he has only shot 3-D twice, he was wondering if he has to be a member of the IBO to shoot the course....Anyone on here know for sure....Thanks in advance.....Jim
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Not at this time.
My opinion is one should be a member - compound and trad shooters are required to be at the regular Worlds.
Membership is not required for Trad Worlds
Related question - to compete at the IBO in NY, you have to shoot a qualifier, does the same hold for the Trad World shoot?

If yes, can you still shoot in a 'fun' category?
No qualifier for Trad Worlds either. You can shoot any shoot for fun.
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If you don't qualify for the worlds in NY, you can shoot the trophy class. If you go to trad worlds, regardless how you finish, you can shoot the money class in NY.
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I contacted IBO this week. They told me you DO need to be a member in order to shoot the championship course. You DO NOT need to be a member to do anything else and can shoot the hunter safety course.
Urban - I believe that is for the NY Worlds.
Not the Trad Worlds - unless it changed.
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