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I joined a new traditional website a few months back ( run by Brandon Stahl, the bowyer at Rose Oak Creations. It's a nice site, kind of quiet since it's just starting out but several familiar posters. Anyway, Brandon was running a "vendor giveaway" for a bow he was working on. It was originally a custom order but if I remember correctly he thought the limb veneers turned out darker than the customer was thinking so he put this bow up for a drawing open to any member.

I threw my hat in the ring figuring I'd have the same luck I usually have with drawings and raffles, but to my surprise I ended up winning! And quite a nice bow it is too. It came well packaged with a nice Rose Oak bow sock and a string already set up with wool silencers.

The model is called an "Ultra Delight" and the specifications are 63", 48#@28". The riser wood is macassar ebony with a cocobolo accent stripe and the limb veneers and overlays are Bolivian rosewood. This limbs are relatively narrow, 1 3/8" wide at the fade outs compared to 1 5/8" or more for my other recurves. The narrow limbs give the bow a very elegant look, it's also very light in the hand. The grip is nicely shaped and on the small side compared to my other bows. If you like a smallish grip you would love this one. The workmanship is superb and the bow just glows with class.

I have to say this is probably the quietest recurve I've ever had. Very nice at the shot, just a soft "tunk" and little if any vibration in the riser. It's this quiet without any treatment like moleskin or yarn between the string and limb tip, something I have on all my other recurves. I don't have a chronograph but the arrow velocity seems comparable to my bows of similar length and draw weight. It shoots the same arrow and same point weight (bare shaft tuned...31" .340 with a 200gr. point) as my other two one-piece recurves that are 50#@29" so the quiet shot is not coming with any kind of performance loss. It's just a really sweet shooting bow.

Here's a few pics, and a big thanks to Brandon...

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