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High teck flimish string

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I have been making my own B50 flemish strings for 30+ year's . Shooting high performance bows , I have been buying , or getting with bows high tech strings . Now playing with ILF bows I would like to make my own high tech strings .What material is every one using ? Thank you Rick
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I'm using D97. Usually 12 strand/3 bundle .19 Halo serving. Sometimes I lay an extra strand in the nock area of my serving to get the fit I like.
Have been twisting in two strands of pure wool into the loops lately.
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For my ILF recurve I use an endless string with 22 strands of 8190. End serving is 0.018" BCY 62xs . Center serving it 0.014" halo to fit a small groove "G" nock.
I have been playing around with the reasonable new BCY "X" material for both endless loop and flemish twist strings. I have been padding the loops with B50 or B55 and like the results, so far.

D97 is a decent material and I also have been using 8190 with good results. So far the "X" is on most of my bows, but still testing, durability, etc.
I use 12 strands of D97 and serve with cheap Brownells #4.I tie on 2 nock points.This fits my supernocks the way I like. Making 3 bundle strings has proven to make a nice round string easier for me.
I use either 12 strands of D97 or 18 strands of 8190.

Edit: This is for endless strings. I don't make Flemish anymore.
I've used D97 with happiness, yet recently started using Astro Flight with similar happiness.

Astro Flight has a bit thinner strand than D97. I use Brownell #4 for serving over 16 strands of Astro Flight to get about the same nock fit as I do with #4 over 12-14 strands of D97.
D97 is pretty hard to beat
Just tried some 452X Flemish skinny string 12 strand .022 halo serv. seems to shoot about same as other hi tech stuff
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