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The issue I'm having now is my draw length has lengthened. When I go to expand when I reach anchor (middle finger in the corner of my mouth) my expansion causes my finger to move slightly further back.
My take:

As far as expansion is concerned, while the movement may feel like it's a push forwards and a pull backwards, in reality it's not.

The push forwards is correct although the amount of leeway for movement should be almost negligible.

The pull backwards, once at anchor and expansion has started, is actually a rotation of the elbow around the back of your head. The rotation of the elbow should keep your hand close to your face on release.

Try some blank bale focusing either on the movement path of the elbow or keeping your hand 'sliding along' your face on release. Find what works for you.

When you've sorted that give some time to ensuring that at anchor and prior to expansion the push-pull FEELING is 50:50.

The reason your fingers shouldn't move is that you are no longer pulling them straight back but your elbow is rotating with them staying fixed. Keep your head looking forward. Your face will thank you.


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